Harry Gordon is a life-long resident of Georgia who graduated from the University of Georgia in 1963 and from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1966.


Mr. Gordon started his legal career as a general practitioner in Athens and surrounding counties, and he was appointed to be the Clarke and Oconee County District Attorney by Governor Jimmy Carter in 1972.  Mr. Gordon’s time in office saw the evolution of Athens from a rather sleepy little community, well known for Effie’s bordello, to the modern city that we enjoy today.  From closing Effie’s to pioneering the use of DNA evidence in court, Mr. Gordon’s career was closely involved with the modernization of local and state government and law enforcement.  His leadership as Chairman of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia was directed toward the support and education of prosecuting attorneys throughout the state.


As District Attorney, Mr. Gordon was responsible for litigation in many areas of the law including criminal law in general and specifically matters involving personal injury, domestic relations, and business law.  Some of the cases for which Mr. Gordon was responsible achieved widespread attention, including the T. K. Harty murder and the Five Point Rapists (there were two).  The prosecution of the Soldier of Fortune, Murder for Hire, cases began with arrests directed by his office in Athens.  When Mr. Gordon left office at the end of 2000 he was the longest serving District Attorney in the State of Georgia.


Since leaving office at the end of 2000, Mr. Gordon has continued his focus on litigation, dealing with the myriad issues that face citizens in court.  Mr. Gordon represents clients with criminal cases of all kinds and handles cases involving personal injury, domestic relations, and business law in the Superior, State, and Municipal Courts of Georgia.