Ms. Donna S. Holloway is a life long resident of the Athens-Clarke County area with many years of experience in law offices of local and state government and the private sector.  She has an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies.


Ms. Holloway began her legal career in the office of Kenneth Stula, who was then the Solicitor for the Clarke County State Court, and she worked for Mr. Stula for more than four years.  Ms. Holloway was hired by the District Attorney’s Office in 1990, where she became the office manager, and where she worked directly for the District Attorney, Harry Gordon.  Ms. Holloway was invaluable in her coordination of the work of the District Attorney’s Office with the courts and other agencies of state and local government.  Ms. Holloway was instrumental in the early implementation of computer communications and document handling for that office.


Ms. Holloway left the District Attorney’s Office at the end of 2000 to join the law firm of Gordon & Brown, LLP, where she is a paralegal and, once again, the office manager.  Ms. Holloway deals closely with the clients of the firm in numerous important areas, and she is the essential face and voice of the firm in many instances.